Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHad)
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Name:   Sheilia Cardamone
Address:   PO Box 24
City:   Grantham
State:   NH
Zip:   03753
Phone:   (603) 863-1908
Email:   sheliacardamone@valley.net
Do you take Insurance?:   yes
Do you take Medicaid?:   yes

Name:   Deer Creek Psychological Associates
Address:   PO Box 266
City:   East Thetford
State:   VT
Zip:   05043
Phone:   (802) 785-2903
Fax:   (802) 785-2631
Conditions Treated:   All aspects of outpatient mental health and psychological and neuro-psychological conditions.
Do you take Insurance?:   some
Do you take Medicaid?:   no
Other:   For a complete list of Deer Creek clinicians in the surrounding counties, refer to the Deer Creek Psychological Associates website.

Name:   Fred Hesch, MS
Address:   Counseling Center of Clarement
Address:   140 North St
Phone:   (603) 542-2578

Name:   Anna Hutton
Address:   PO Box 250
City:   Grantham
State:   NH
Zip:   03753
Phone:   (603) 491-7818
Email:   ADPHutton@yahoo.com
Do you take Insurance?:   Blue-Cross in private practice, All via Child Health Services
Do you take Medicaid?:   Yes, at Child Health Services

Name:   Melissa E. Morin, LCSW
Address:   Counseling Center of Newport
Address:   167 Summer St
City:   Newport
Zip:   03773
Phone:   (603) 863-1951
Conditions Treated:   ADHD, Allergy, Anxiety, Asthma, Behavioral Problems, Childhood Cancers, Chronic Pain, Depression, Diabetes, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Genetic Disorders, Heart Disease, Hemophilia, HIV/AIDS, Lead Poisoning, Mental Retardation

Address:   654 Main Street
City:   Claremont
State:   NH
Zip:   03743
Phone:   (603) 542-8706
Fax:   (603) 542-0421
Email:   Karen Prior
Website:   www.pathwaysnh.org

Name:   River Valley Associates
Address:   241 Elm St
Phone:   (800) 370-1841

Name:   Richard W. Root, EdD
Address:   Dunning St
City:   Claremont
State:   NH
Phone:   (802) 885-5719
Conditions Treated:   ADHD, Allergy, Asthma, Autism/PPD, Brain Injury, Chronic Pain, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Mental Retardation

Name:   Michele M. Rowland, LICW, ACSW
Address:   River Valley Associates
Address:   241 Elm St
Phone:   (800) 370-1841

Name:   West Central Behavioral Health
Address:   18 Pailey Ave
City:   Clarement
State:   NH
Zip:   03743
Phone:   (603) 543-5449
Other:   Case Management, Emergency Services