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Medical Genetics

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  • Lebanon, NH (DHMC)
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  • Manchester, NH
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The Medical Genetics Department at Dartmouth-Hitchcock provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, clinical management and genetic counseling for children and adults who have a genetic condition or who are suspected to have a genetic condition.

The genetics team helps to identify and treat the cause of a person’s developmental delays, autism, birth defects or growth problems. The team also addresses medical problems that might be due to a family history of a genetic disorder.

Patients and family members are seen by doctors who are Board Certified Medical Geneticists and by Licensed Genetic Counselors.

Our team works closely with other specialists throughout Dartmouth-Hitchcock, including CHaD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pathology, and Norris Cotton Cancer Center, to provide comprehensive and coordinated care for our patients and their families.

All genetic counseling and testing services are provided in a confidential setting.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock offers Medical Genetics services in Lebanon, Manchester, and Nashua, NH.