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Educational Consultant role made possible by CHaD Philanthropy
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Nancy M. Venti, M.Ed., CHaD's Educational Consultant (middle), spends time with families and teachers to ensure the best educational experience for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Cynthia L. Nulton, MA, Coordinator of CHaD's Pediatric Audiology says that Nancy works with over 400 children such as student, Sheena Kirk (left).

One Monday, a first-grader with a rare hearing disorder needed the help of Nancy M. Venti, M.Ed.

As the Educational Consultant on CHaD's Pediatric Audiology team, Nancy helps families navigate the complicated landscape that comes with having a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.

For this particular first-grader, world can sound like a radio station tuning in and out. Sounds can be unpredictably loud or soft, clear or muddled. Now that she's beginning to read, it's critical that her teachers pinpoint her level of learning. And that's the kind of help Nancy can provide.

Hearing devices such as cochlear implants and hearing aids help improve access to sound, but they do not restore hearing to 'normal.' As Nancy helps teachers understand how that affects their teaching and the child's learning, she guides them to available resources. Meanwhile, she helps parents to understand and advocate for their child's individual educational needs.

Nancy's 30+ years in schools as a Special Educator prior to joining CHaD had well prepared her to be an effective facilitator for families and schools. Every week she travels across Vermont and New Hampshire to ensure that deaf or hard of hearing children, who are seen through CHaD Audiology, receive appropriate support related to their hearing loss. The Educational Consultant role was championed by Glenn Johnson, MD, and first funded by CHaD philanthropy in 2005. The position is now funded 50% through the operating budget, and 50% through CHaD philanthropy.

According to Cynthia L. Nulton, MA, Coordinator of CHaD's Pediatric Audiology and Cochlear Implant Program, Nancy works with over 400 children. "CHaD philanthropic funds allow Nancy to provide that in-community service which gives her more credibility than if she were just here in the clinic," Nulton said. "To be at a school team meeting, face-to-face, is invaluable."