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Thank You for Your Wonderful Feedback and Generous Support of our CHaD Kids' "Roar" Video

October 29, 2013
Lebanon, NH

Photo of Child Life Staff


From all of us at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback and generous support of our CHaD Kids' "Roar".


From CHaD HERO to YouTube hits, Facebook posts and Twitter feeds,

Their voices have been heard,

And our hearts remain full,

All because of your support, through your donations or your kind words.


We have been deeply touched by the positive outpouring from around the globe.

In just one amazing week, we have collected comments and well wishes

and wanted to share some of them to let you know how lucky we feel.


On behalf of all the children, their families and the team at CHaD – we are beyond moved.

The world is indeed a very good place filled with many caring and compassionate people who care deeply for each other.

Let's continue to ROAR!

Image of YouTube video still

Watch the CHaD Roar video, and read the comments from our viewers.

Katy Perry responds to the CHaD Roar video

Photo of Katy Perry on radio showOn October, 29. Katy Perry appeared on an Australian radio show where they asked her about the CHaD "Roar" video. She commented that it touches her that the song resonates with so many people.

The hosts showed a clip from the CHaD video during the discussion. See what Katy Perry said about "Roar."

Some of our favorite comments from our viewers

Image: top comments on CHaD Roar video

Graphic: Donate to CHaD

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