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Mental health problems can occur at the same time as medical, development, or learning problems. Changes in mood or behavior can also be connected to life events such as divorce, death, trauma, or abuse.

That is why our first step in treatment is a comprehensive evaluation. Afterwards, our specialists prepare a treatment plan tailored to each child and family.

When signs of trouble emerge, seeking help early increases a child's chances for a safe, effective recovery. These behaviors may indicate that your child is having difficulty:

  • Sad, withdrawn, hopeless mood
  • Anxious, worried, fearful behavior
  • Inability to concentrate, sit still, or focus attention
  • Changes in sleeping or eating habits
  • Thoughts that race too fast to follow
  • Hearing voices than cannot be explained
  • Constant concern about physical problems, appearance or weight
  • Use or abuse of alcohol or other drugs
  • Loss of enjoyment in favorite activities or hobbies
  • Difficulties with grades, attendance or behavior at school
  • Injuring self by hitting, banging or cutting

If some of the above signs and symptoms persist for a period of weeks or months, contact us.

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