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Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHad)
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Testimonials from Medical Students

"What does it mean to live with a disease, not just while sitting in the doctor’s office, but every hour of every day. How much will this cost? How do I arrange my life to be able to get to appointments? Every conversation gave me some new insight into the realities of medicine."

"I think the science is easier to learn than how to effectively communicate and connect with people. Having conversations with them about their lives and daily activities helped me learn how to talk to older people and what you have to keep in mind concerning age differences and how they hear what I am saying."

"Doctors need to let our patients talk and listen to their opinions. We might not always know the best thing; they may know it themselves. We must take each patient as an individual and figure out individual plans to help them find the results they want."

"I think you learn that medicine is a partnership, not a dictatorship. It is incredible that this 11 year old kid can teach this 30 year old medical student about medicine and life and struggles and how to fight."

"It offers a unique opportunity to share a piece of another person’s life and provides and avenue for medical education outside of the classroom."

"Instead of just focusing on the patient, the family members have strong feelings about things as well, and while the patient is your primary focus, you need to make sure the family is doing OK too."

"Perhaps the lesson I learned in this program is that the illness is just a part of the person; it does not define them."

"I learned about love, death, growing old, giving back to the community and special talents. My patient partner always wondered how she could possibly be helping me in my journey to become a doctor, but truthfully she helped me grow as a individual, which encompasses more than just becoming a good doctor."

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