Child Advocacy and Protection Program Team

Program leadership

Child Advocacy and Protection Program providers

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Other team members

Nursing coordinator

  • Catherine Collier, RN


  • Brittny Tyler, RN

Practice care manager

  • Shanon Torres

Program coordinator

  • Margaret Ackerman

Clinical secretary

  • Denise Bouchard

Social work coordinator

  • Victoria Emery, MSW, LICSW

Social Workers

  • Julie Ebel, MSW, LICSW
  • Crystal Davis, MSW

Child Life Specialist coordinator

  • Jessica LaPerle, LCLS

Child Life Specialists

  • Sonya Charles, LCLS
  • Hanna Gilroy, LCLS
  • Victoria Meile, LCLS

Grafton Sullivan County Child Advocacy Center

  • Executive Director, Cathy Brittis-Bean, MSW

  • Andrea Kegelman

  • Jocelyn Thompson

  • Samantha Townsend

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Sexual Assualt Nurse Examiner Program

  • Director, Janet Carroll, RN, Pedi-SANE
  • Anna McKay, APRN, Pedi-SANE
  • Kiersten Robert, APRN, Pedi-SANE
  • Brittny Tyler, RN, Pedi-SANE

Other programs that work in collaboration with Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Child Advocacy & Protection Program:

  • Elliott Hospital, Manchester:

    Amy D. Roy, MD; Cornelia Gonsalves, APRN

  • Nashua:

    Jilliane Snyzcer, MD; Elizabeth Karagosian, MD

  • Coos County:

    Federally Qualified Health Center - Brian Beals, MD

  • Great Lakes Child Advocacy Center:

    Joy Barrett; Karyn Patno, MD; Janet Carroll, RN; Jennifer Weeks-Pierce, RN; Andrew Wolff, MSW

  • Wolfeboro Hospital:

    Michael Matos, MD