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Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHad)
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Casting is an essential part of non-surgical treatment of clubfoot.

Read one child's story and view pictures of her casting session.

The first step

  • As early as your baby's first week, we will gently manipulate and stretch the muscles and tendons of his or her feet.
  • Tape or a plaster cast will then be applied to hold the foot in position.

Changing casts

  • On a casting day, please plan to spend two to three hours at the Clubfoot Program office at DHMC in Lebanon, NH. Please avoid making other commitments during that period.
  • Your baby will have new plaster casts applied every week for five to nine weeks.
  • Each cast typically is worn for a week.
  • The last cast may stay on for up to three weeks.

Removing the casts

  • Casts are removed by soaking in a bath, not by cutting through the plaster.
  • It may make sense for you to soften the old cast with a wet towel wrapped around it on your way into the hospital so that it can be removed more quickly. We will discuss that during your first visits.
  • A small amount of vinegar added to the bath water helps speed the softening process.

Bathing a child in casts

  • You must keep the cast dry and so should not bathe regularly; washing with a cloth when the cast is on is the best option.
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