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Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHad)
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Living With Cystic Fibrosis

To manage the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, patients should try to:

  • Reduce the risk of infection. Stay current with vaccinations, wash hands often, and avoid situations where you are likely to come into contact with dangerous germs.
  • Exercise as your doctor advises. Exercise helps to clear the lungs, strengthens breathing muscles, and improves the overall fitness of the lungs and heart. It also makes you feel good!
  • Eat as your doctor advises. Good nutrition is especially important for people with CF due to increased caloric demand and incomplete digestion.
  • Avoid tobacco smoke. People with CF should not smoke or be exposed to it!
  • Get lots of rest. Rest helps your body fight illness and helps you stay well.
  • Keep your appointments with the CF center. It is important to meet with your team on a regular basis, not only to detect any changes in your health, but also to find out about new treatments that might help to improve your condition.
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