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Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHad)
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Event Ideas

Following are suggestions of fundraisers you can do to raise money for CHaD. We also encourage you to come up with your own idea!

The Penny Drive

Pennies seem to be everywhere, and virtually everyone can spare one. Children love counting pennies, and goals based on pennies collected can be quite attainable and exciting.

CHaDasaurus with penny

This is a great fundraiser in particular for schools and other organizations involving children. A penny drive can be as simple as putting out canisters to collect loose change, or can become a fun and competitive event!

In a school setting, classrooms can compete against each other. One model is for every penny a classroom collects, they receive one point. Nickels, dimes, and quarters can take on new meaning. If collection bins for each class are placed centrally, and children can drop money in any bin, silver change can count as a negative. A period of time is set (suggested timeframe is 6-8 weeks) with weekly updates and the class with the most points wins a prize, such as a pizza or ice cream party. This is a great way to raise money with no cash outlay.

If you are working with employees or adults, you could divide your group into teams or have departments compete. Each team has a large container and the group with the most pennies in their container wins! The losing team(s) must serve the winners at a special coffee break in their honor.

There are many variations and different ways to be creative! Funds could even go toward the sponsorship of a participant or team in a CHaD event, such as the Ski & Ride Festival or the CHaD Half Marathon and Relay.

The Bake Sale

Bake sales are a great way to raise money, and to bring groups together! Those that can't bake might consider providing paper goods or beverages.

Bake Sale: Cookies

A great variation on a bake sale is a cookie buffet. The bake sale is limited to donations of cookies. Customers purchase a bag for a set price and can fill it with cookies, of their own choosing! This is a fun way for people to sample many different treats, and makes collecting funds simple because of the set price!

Be strategic about the timing of your bake sale. If you are doing it at the office, coffee breaks and lunch time will offer the best timing. If there is another community event happening, you may be able to capitalize on the crowds that are drawn to that event, while at the same time providing a service by supplying refreshments.

Advertising is important. Let people know that you are planning this event and to show up hungry! Display your goodies nicely, and assign all volunteers with a task (replenishing cookies, counting money). Be sure you have plenty of change in your cash box!

The Read-a-thon

The Read-a-thon concept encourages a love of reading while providing a creative and fun way to help CHaD. Children collect pledges—much like a walk-a-thon.

Kids reading

Goals can be individualized for the children, and can be counted in minutes of reading time, pages read or number of books read. Older children can become involved by reading to younger children, which is a way to bring a whole school together for a great cause.

We suggest a two-week time period, beginning on a Monday, for the Read-a-thon to take place. You will also need to figure in a sufficient amount of time for your group to solicit pledges.

Prizes could be awarded for different categories, including most funds raised, highest number of books read, and classroom prizes.