Buckle Up New Hampshire

The Buckle Up New Hampshire (BUNH) Coalition is a committee of highway safety advocates who are committed to promoting seat belt use through education.

The state of New Hampshire’s current seat belt law only includes individuals until the age of 18. This has consistently given the state one of the lowest belt usage rates along with the highest unbelted fatality rates annually.

Our goal

BUNH's goal is to educate and inform the best practice when getting into any vehicle. The most important and main safety feature in any vehicle is the seat belt. BUNH works with companies, community groups, schools, police departments, and anyone who would like to promote the importance of wearing a seat belt.

The program’s coordinator, Chelsie Mostone, can tailor a presentation to include specific data as it relates to the group listening to the message. It is also great to have at various events where a display table is allowed. This can create a conversation and open a discussion for further conversation around seat belts.

Our collaborations

The BUNH program collaborates many parts with help from a state-wide committee that includes members of New Hampshire state departments as well as the Youth Operator program, community-based groups, driver’s education, the National Safety Council, AAA of Northern New England, and others. The Seat Belts for All Coalition also meets to discuss the next steps towards the enhancement of the state’s current seat belt law to include every age.

  • Buckle Up New Hampshire week: Each year, Buckle Up New Hampshire uses a week in May to increase messaging around buckling up by coordinating electronic messaging boards on state highways, social media, and public service announcements on television. All other states can use the "Click It or Ticket" campaign week, but because New Hampshire does not have an all-inclusive seat belt law the week is referred to as Buckle Up Week. For more information please visit Buckle Up New Hampshire.
  • Seat belt challenge: Another part is the annual seat belt challenge that is planned in coordination with the Youth Operator program. The challenge involves educating groups of teens from high schools across New Hampshire using a national group, ThinkFast® Interactive, that incorporates safe driving data and information into a game show.
  • Traffic safety conference: One important part of the program is its collaboration with the New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety to plan a conference around traffic safety-related information. The conference is designed to assist educators, law enforcement personnel, members of the healthcare community and others to promote highway safety within New Hampshire.

Please feel free to contact us at the Injury Prevention Center.