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Buckle Up New Hampshire

The Buckle Up New Hampshire (BUNH) Coalition is a committee of highway safety advocates who are committed to promoting seat belt use through education.

The coalition also works to educate parents and childcare providers about the appropriate selection and use of car seats and booster seats.

We promote Buckle Up New Hampshire Week in May, encouraging all drivers and passengers in motor vehicles to wear their seat belts every time they ride.

The coalition also assists in planning the annual statewide Traffic Safety Conference held each April. This conference is designed to assist educators, law enforcement personnel, members of the healthcare community and others to promote highway safety within New Hampshire.

Room to Live program

An important program of the BUNH Coalition is Room to Live, designed to provide factual information about the importance of being properly restrained within our vehicles. The program is available primarily for presentation to high school groups, including driver education classes and/or larger student assemblies. It is, however, suitable for any audience.

The program is based on a Fox News video that documents in very real terms that individuals who remain in their vehicles during crash events, including rollover crashes, are very likely to survive and often with minimal injury. It also convincingly shows that individuals who are unbelted and thrown from their vehicles are more likely to die or suffer serious injury.

The reporter in the video analyzed the damage to vehicles involved in rollover crashes over many months. The reporter sat in each of these vehicles to show that, because of the safety features built into newer vehicles, individuals who stay within the passenger compartment usually have “room to live.” The crashed vehicles involved in this report include a Hummer, pickup trucks and smaller passenger cars. In every crash analyzed there was “room to live” if only the individuals in the vehicles had been restrained and, therefore, had stayed in the vehicle.

This program, in an equally real way, shows the impact on those who are left to deal with the loss of a loved one because seat belts were not used.

The program includes the sharing of the “Room to Live” news video, a brief video of an actual crash that demonstrates that a person becomes a projectile when not restrained, a presentation about the safety design features built into newer vehicles, and related discussion about the importance of being restrained. This presentation also shows how quickly these safety features are negated when we choose not to buckle up.

Child passenger safety law

New Hampshire law requires that individuals under the age of 18 be restrained while traveling in a motor vehicle. Learn more about New Hampshire's child passenger law.

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