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As many as 90% of unintentional injuries can be prevented!

Safe Kids New Hampshire (SKNH) is a nonprofit organization made up of individuals and organizations from around the state.

SKNH serves as a hub for communication and collaboration for people and organizations in New Hampshire who are interested in preventing accidental childhood injury, the leading cause of death in children 14 and under.

SKNH is a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, a global network of similar organizations with a common mission. Safe Kids New Hampshire was founded in the 1990's with the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD) as the lead organization.

Our focus on prevention

Many injuries and deaths are preventable. We believe that all New Hampshire children should grow up safe and injury free. Please join us at our quarterly meetings or call us to learn more about what risks New Hampshire children face and what you can do to help.

Safe Kids New Hampshire focuses on:

  • Child passenger safety
  • Bike and pedestrian safety
  • Drowning prevention
  • Fire prevention
  • Prevention of unintentional injury
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Resources and kits for lending

Contact us for information on low cost bike and ski helmets.

Kits for lending:

  • Bike safety kit
  • Risk wheel

Safety related websites:

Upcoming Safe Kids New Hampshire events

  • Safe Kids Meetings - Call the Injury Prevention Center for meeting dates, times, and locations.

Learning modules

Abusive Head Trauma in New Hampshire: Recognition, Prevention, and Reporting

This module provides free, web-based injury prevention training for those who interact with infants in the home and child care centers. This module will help you learn about and recognize:

  • When an infant may be at risk for serious physical abuse
  • What abusive head trauma is
  • The concept of sentinel injuries
  • The Period  of PURPLE Crying and the relationship between infant crying and abusive head trauma. 
  • Who is required to report suspected child abuse or neglect in New Hampshire
  • How to make report of child abuse or neglect

This module takes approximately forty five minutes to complete. After successful completion of the module knowledge check, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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Infant and Toddler Injury Prevention for Home Visitors

Safe Kids Infant & Toddler Injury Prevention learning module

This learning module provides free, web-based injury prevention training for those who interact with young children in the home. The module covers leading causes of injury among children and strategies for prevention, It discusses the responsibility of home visitors in identifying risks and how to address risk with caregivers. This module is appropriate for those who provide early childhood services including (but not limited to) home visiting, child care, Head Start, and early supports and services. The module takes approximately one hour to complete. After successful completion of the module knowledge check, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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