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Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHad)
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Parental Presence During Procedures

In the PainFree Program

This can be an anxious time for you and your child. We ask that you not bring other children with you. Please make the necessary child care arrangements prior to the day of the procedure.

As Anesthesia is Being Started (Induction)

A maximum of two parents or family members (over the age of 18) are allowed to be present during anesthesia induction with the following exceptions:

  • The anesthesiologist or other physician feels that, because of specific medical issues, parental presence will compromise the safety of the child.
  • Children under 8 months of age (who have not yet reached the stage of stranger anxiety) do not require parental presence for "calming" during induction.
  • Due to hospital policy, video/cell phone recording is not allowed anywhere in PainFree including during induction.

After anesthesia induction, parent(s) and family must leave the PainFree area. Before leaving the area, you will receive a pager. After the test or procedure is complete, you will be paged to PainFree to be present as your child wakes up from sedation or anesthesia.

During Tests and Procedure

It is important that medical personnel be able to focus solely on their patient, so parents/family members are not allowed to be present during tests/procedures with the following exception:

  • If parts of the procedure require your child to be awake and aware, one parent/family member may be allowed to be present during this part of the test/procedure.
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