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Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHad)
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Guidelines for Seeking Support

Tips to keep in mind when looking for counseling or therapy

  • Support can be sought at any time. You do not need to wait for a crisis.
  • Everyone is better served when support is sought sooner rather than later.
  • You may experience the need for support at some times and not at other times. Adjustment is an ever-changing process. Specific aspects of the situation will influence what families need and how they adapt.

Parents and caregivers should seek support when

  • You feel in need of more support.
  • You wonder if you and your family are adjusting as well as you feel you should be or could be.
  • You want to build on your existing strengths and resources.
  • You are experiencing a specific problem.
  • There is a significant change in the emotional, behavioral, or social functioning in your child or a family member.
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