D-HH Doctors Honored as "Top Docs" in New Hampshire

Care you can count on. All the way to 115.

New Hampshire Magazine has recognized 115 D-HH physicians across 45 specialties as part of their annual "Top Docs" survey. 

Please join us in congratulating the D-HH physicians who have been recognized this year. We thank them, and all of our extraordinary clinicians across the organization, for providing compassionate, high-quality care to our patients and communities. 

The 2021 D-HH "Top Doc" honorees are listed below by specialty: 

Adolescent Medicine
Keith J. Loud, MD, MSC

Allergy & Immunology
Marie-Helene Sajous, MD, MS
Sarah A. Taylor-Black, MD

Cardiovascular Medicine
Bruce W. Andrus, MD, MS
Alan T. Kono, MD 
Kevin F. Kwaku, MD, PhD

Child Development
Nina Sand-Loud, MD

Colon & Rectal Surgery 
Jeffrey R. Harnsberger, MD

Denise M. Aaron, MD
Julianne A. Mann, MD

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism 
Richard J. Comi, MD

Family Medicine
Barbara A. Bates, MD (Cheshire Medical Center)
Annika Brown, MD
Mayumi Chatani-Hinze, MD
Scott C. Jaynes, MD
J. Gilliam Johnston II, MD
Andrew G. Tremblay, MD (Cheshire Medical Center)

Jack T. Bueno, MD
Stuart R. Gordon, MD
Srikrishna Nagri, MD
Matthew J. Rockacy, MD (Cheshire Medical Center)
Richard I. Rothstein, MD
Corey A. Siegel, MD, MS

Gynecologic Oncology 
Evelyn L. Fleming, MD
Loyd A. West, MD
Hematology Oncology
Elizabeth M. Bengtson, MD 
Marc Gautier, MD
Kenneth R. Meehan, MD
Jill M. Winslow, MD (Cheshire Medical Center)

Internal Medicine 
Brian A. Binczewski, MD
Stephen K. Liu, MD, MPH
Heather L. Marks, MD
Lijun Song, MD, PhD
Vijaya L. Upadrasta, MD

Interventional Cardiology 
James DeVries, MD
John E. Jayne, MD

Maternal & Fetal Medicine 
Emily R. Baker, MD

Medical Oncology 
Bradley A. Arrick, MD, PhD, MHCM
Konstantin H. Dragnev, MD
Kathyryn C. Hourdequin, MD
Gary N. Schwartz, MD
Keisuke Shirai, MD, MSc

James E. Gray, MD, MS
Steven A. Ringer, MD, PhD

Brian D. Remillard, MD

Jeffrey A. Cohen, MD
Barbara C. Jobst, MD
Keith J. McAvoy, MD
Vijay M. Thadani, MD, PhD

Rihan Khan, MD

Perry A. Ball, MD
Nathan E. Simmons, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology 
Valerie A. Bell, MD, FACOG
Timothy J. Fisher, MD, MS

Occupational Medicine 
Phillip B. Collins, MD (Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital) 

Janine R. Eagle, MD
David P. Lawlor, MD 
Patrick J. Morhun, MD, FACS (New London Hospital)

Orthopaedic Surgery
William A. Abdu, MD, MS
John-Erik Bell, MD
Paul C. Bettinger, MD (Cheshire Medical Center)
Cherie A. Holmes, MD, MSc (Cheshire Medical Center)
Gregory Leather, MD (Cheshire Medical Center)
Kevin J. McGuire, MD, MS
Adam M. Pearson, MD, MS
Anthony H. Presutti, MD (Cheshire Medical Center)
Mark B. Silbey, MD (Cheshire Medical Center)


Benoit J. Gosselin, MD
Andrew R. Spector, MD

Palliative Medicine
Lisa A. Leinau, MD (Cheshire Medical Center) 

Arief A. Suriawinata, MD
Wendy A. Wells, MD

Pediatric Cardiology 
Naomi S. Gauthier, MD
Jenifer A. Glatz, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology 
Samuel J. Casella, MD

Pediatric Hematology – Oncology 
Julie Kim, MD, PhD

Pediatric Nephrology 
Matthew M. Hand, DO

Charles T. Cappetta, MD
Leslie S. Dick, MD
Stacey A. Kopp, MD
Tessa J. Lafortune-Greenberg, MD
Theresa M. Oliveira, MD
Todd M. Poret, MD
Andrew J. Schuman, MD 

Plastic Surgery 
Dale C. Vidal, MD (Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital) 

Julia R. Frew, MD

Pulmonary Medicine 
Graham T. Atkins, MD
James L. Carroll, Jr., MD
Richard I. Enelow, MD
Joseph C. Hou, MD
Harold L. Manning, MD
Richard N. Read, MD

Radiation Oncology
Alan C. Hartford, MD, PhD

William C. Black, MD
David Hou, MD

Daniel A. Albert, MD
Christopher M. Burns, MD
Todd F. Dombrowski, MD, MS (Cheshire Medical Center)
Sherry A. Guardiano, DO (Cheshire Medical Center)
Irene Orzano Hou, MD
William F.C. Rigby, MD
Alicia J. Zbehlik, MD, MPH

Sleep Medicine
Brooke G. Judd, MD

Stacey A. Abbis, MD 
William S. Laycock, MD
Kari M. Rosenkranz, MD
Brent C. White, MD

Surgical Oncology
Richard J. Barth, Jr., MD 

Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery 
David J. Finley, MD
Jock N. McCullough, MD

William Bihrle III, MD
Ann Gormley, MD, MS 

Vascular Surgery 
Philip P. Goodney, MD, MS
Richard J. Powell, MD
David H. Stone, MD