Make it Snow for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center!

Make it snow slogan and photo
Nick and Janette Coombs

What better way to close out 2020 than with some snow? Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD) and the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center have joined forces to create a blizzard of goodwill for children and cancer patients at both organizations through the new “Make it Snow!” campaign.

“Make it snow!” is a joint fundraising campaign which will run through December and is designed to end the year on a high note by supporting patients at CHaD and Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC). In the midst of all the challenges that this year has presented, CHaD and NCCC have remained steadfast in providing comprehensive and compassionate care, as well as conducting ground-breaking research. Donations to the “Make it Snow!” campaign will be shared equally by both programs.

Despite the global pandemic, patients continue their fight at both CHaD and NCCC. Janette Coombs is close to both organizations, and is currently undergoing her second round of cancer treatments at NCCC.

 “I really appreciate the support I have received from the Cancer Center during my treatments. Sometimes it is the social workers who check in, or one of the many support programs offered that help me during this challenging time,” says Coombs. “They treat the whole person, not just the cancer.”

Coombs’ son Nick, who is now 27, was a long-time patient at CHaD. There is truly only one Nick. Born prematurely, his combination of conditions has no name and has required complex care for a number of health needs throughout his life, including a heart valve condition and seizures.  At 4 ½ feet tall, Nick may be small in stature, but is big in heart. 

“It has been a challenging year for many, and for those in our community that need to visit CHaD and NCCC regularly for treatment, the support offered by both organizations is more important than ever,” says Coombs. ”Supporting our community brings us both joy, and we hope others will consider joining in this season of giving.” Both mother and son share in a strong desire to give back and connect with their community and for many years have participated in or created fundraisers for both programs.

Over the past year, Dartmouth-Hitchcock rose to the many challenges presented by COVID-19.   Thousands of staff were sent home to work remotely, spaces were prepared for a surge of patients, informational briefings were delivered to the community daily, pop-up testing sites were assembled and the words “flatten the curve” became all too familiar.  At the same time, the decision was made for CHaD and Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center to cancel their in-person fundraising events to keep the community safe.  Both the CHaD HERO and Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center's Prouty, the largest fundraising events for each program, went virtual. While the community rose to the occasion, overall fundraising is lower in a year where needs are higher.

To support the “Make it snow!” campaign, you can visit:  And be sure to share our Make it snow! post on Facebook and tag 10 friends to help us create a blizzard of goodwill and raise vital funds for CHaD and Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center.