New CHaD Treatment Room Wraps Take Patients on an Adventure

CHaD Underwater room wrap
Underwater CHaD Room

Thanks to our generous donorsNorwich Lions Club, Byrne Foundation, and DreamakurCHaD patients can take a dive in a colorful voyage under the sea or look for lions and giraffes while exploring the great wonders of an African safari. Much to the delight of patients and staff alike, safari and underwater-themed room wraps were recently added to the CHaD outpatient treatment rooms on the 6th floor in Lebanon.These visual playscapes are more than just eye-catching, they also serve as a healing environment that promotes distraction and guided imagery during treatments, and assist in decreased stress for both patients and caregivers. Types of treatments done in the clinic treatment rooms include IV hydration, breathing treatments, allergy testing, IV placement, and sliver removal.

Safari-clubhouse-room-wrap"At CHaD, we are committed to helping children and their families live their happiest healthiest lives. We do this through all aspects of care, even our decor! The physical space within a children’s hospital can be part of the healing process. When children enter a space that is well designed, it can help them to feel like they are entering a different world, one in which they can imagine, be playful, and cope through whatever might come next. Treatment rooms are places for children to go when they require a medical intervention that may be considered hard. Hard isn’t always connected to pain – sometimes it is about length of time, or positioning needed. When the playful walls become part of the intervention, we are all a little bit happier," says Jessica Laperle, CHaD Patient Experience Manager, Child Life Program.