Health and Safety Tips

Cartoon drawing of a family in a car with the sun shining on them.

Hot Cars and Heatstroke - Look before You Lock

Heatstroke is the number one killer of children, outside of car crashes. Safe Kids New Hampshire offers these tips for keeping your child safe in cars during hot weather.

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2019 Seat Belt Challenge

In this gameshow-style competition, high school students will be tested on their knowledge of vehicle and road safety covering such topics as seat belts, distracted driving, impairment and New Hampshire driving laws.

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adolescents running

Sports Injuries: Is Your Child at Risk of Overuse?

The number of sports-related injuries is rising as the number of children who play competitive sports year-round continues to grow.

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kids at camp

Summer Camps for All

Children with complex care needs, such as diabetes, heart conditions and neurological issues can see benefits from attending summer camps.

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teen driving while texting

Keeping Your Teen’s Eyes on the Road

Here are some tips for helping your teen, and you, to not be distracted while driving.

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Stop suicide words painted on asphalt

Providing Outreach and Education to Prevent Suicide

CHaD's Injury Prevention Center working with other members of the New Hampshire Suicide Prevention Council to address suicide awareness and prevention.

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illustration of family

Keeping Your Family Healthy Throughout the Year

D-H’s infectious disease expert Antonia Altomare, DO, MPH, shares important tips to keep yourself and your family healthy throughout the year.

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Girl in pink ski helmet

Winter Sports Safety

The Injury Prevention Center at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock offers this helpful list of helmet do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you head up the mountain or glide out onto the ice.

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Female teen standing next to car with holding car keys.

Keeping Teens Safe Behind the Wheel

Both parents and teenagers need to work together to keep teen drivers safe behind the wheel.

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Gunlock in package

Putting a Lock on Children’s Gun Accidents

The Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD) is piloting a program to provide gun-safety assistance to anyone who keeps a firearm in their home.

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