Intensive Care Nursery

If you're a physician or hospital needing to transport a patient to Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, please call 800-650-3222.

Infant in the ICN

Our 30-bed intensive care nursery (ICN) cares for a combination of acutely ill infants as well as stable and growing premature infants.

With a philosophy of family as the center of the care team and lots of TLC, our experienced staff provides exceptional, critical care to this vulnerable population.

Our Neonatology Section cares for premature babies and those with infections, neurological problems, surgical needs, birth defects, and any other problems needing intensive care.

Download our Special Beginnings Booklet (PDF) to use as a resource to our ICN.

ICN location

The ICN is located on Level 5 next to the Birthing Pavilion.

North Entrance closure

Please note that the North Entrance is closed due to the construction of the new patient pavilion.

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During your family's stay in the ICN, you may park in the:

  • Main Entrance parking lot
  • Parking Garage

Please refer to the Parking, Transportation, and Maps page for additional information including entrance hours.

Leaving the hospital at discharge

  • Please use the Main Entrance when you and your family are ready to leave the hospital at discharge.
  • The ICN staff will give you a parking pass that will allow you to park at the Main Entrance circle for 45 minutes.
  • During this time, you may return to the ICN to gather your family members and belongings.